How to Use CopyAI to Write Long-Form Blog Posts?

Copywriting for the internet is a difficult task. You’re effectively competing with the finest in the industry, attempting to cram your marketing message into the users’ attention span before it expires while still keeping it simple and relevant. Even if you have a penchant for creating eye-catching images and capturing your audience’s attention, you can run into a slew of unanticipated issues.

You could be one of the best SEOs in the world, but unless you rank for your target keywords, you won’t get any return on your investment. Writing long-form blog entries is one method to set yourself apart from the competitors.

If you’re using CopyAI’s free edition, you might find it difficult to produce extensive blog entries. In this post, I’ll show you how to write long-form blog posts without having to upgrade to premium.

What is CopyAI and how does it work?

CopyAI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create blog content for you. You can use it to write educational, persuasive, playful, serious, or hilarious blog posts — whatever your heart desires! CopyAI will generate a high-quality blog post that fits your company’s brand voice and resonates with your target audience with just a few mouse clicks.

So, whether you want to write an educational post on your company’s history or services, or a persuasive piece about how your products may help people solve their problems, this tool is the answer.

Unlike most applications that claim to help you write faster, CopyAI focuses on precise grammar and spelling rather than the words themselves. If you’re writing an essay or a report, that’s fantastic, but it doesn’t help creative writers much.

CopyAI is unique in that it focuses on words and phrases rather than grammar or spelling. In only a few seconds, you can create high-quality, creative, and human-readable material. It’s almost as if you had your own personal proofreader!

The following is how it works:

CopyAI is given a title and some sample text from a blog post that you enjoy.

The rest of the blog post will be written for you by CopyAI, using the same language, tone, and style as the original.

That’s all there is to it!

There are a slew of different programs available that claim to make writing simpler. But none of them, in my opinion, have come close to CopyAI.

Why would you want to write a lengthy blog post?

“Why write a long-form blog post?” or “What is the value of writing a long-form blog post?” are likely questions you’ll be asked.

The explanation is straightforward: it works.

Long-form blog entries attract more search engine traffic, generate more links and shares, and improve overall organic results. Long-form content is an excellent place to start if your content isn’t ranking well or you’re having trouble coming up with content ideas.

Long-form material performs better on social media platforms as well. Posts with more than 2000 words received 68 percent more tweets and 22 percent more Facebook likes than those with less words. Long-form material is the way to go for writers wishing to expand their audience on these platforms.

While there is a lot of evidence on the advantages of publishing longer content to help your SEO strategy, coming up with long-form blog post ideas that will really attract readers can be difficult.

Long-form blog entries offer several advantages, including:

When compared to shorter content, they tend to rank higher in Google.

Longer articles receive more social shares on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Longer content can also help you create more leads because you’ll have more room to include opt-in forms or call-to-actions in your blog entries.

Longer blog entries can help you create a relationship with your readers by offering them with additional value.

Now If you’re using CopyAI’s free edition, you might find it difficult to compose a long-form blog post like this. In this post, I’ll show you how to write long-form without having to upgrade.

How to produce a long-form blog article with CopyAI

There’s no huge secret to writing a longer version of your essay; it’s all about how well you use the tool. Depending on your needs, CopyAI includes a variety of tools you can utilize inside the program. The first step is to figure out what tools you’ll need for your project.

So, because we’re creating a blog post, we’ll use the blog tools, which range from generating blog ideas to coming up with conclusions.

If you’re starting from scratch, the blog ideas generator can help you get started right away. After deciding what to write about, use a blog outline generator to create an overview for your topic.

If you’re creating long-form posts, a blog outline is essential because it will help you identify subheadings for your blog.

The “blog intro” tool is the next tool you should utilize to make intros for your topic. CopyAI will then generate some intros for you to choose from, and the best part about this program is that if you aren’t happy with the results, you can use it again. You can utilize the “more like this” tool to produce extra texts based on the section you selected if you wish to add more words to it. You’ll be able to expand the intro more this way.

So the next tool you’ll use is “Bullet point to point section,” which will generate up to three paragraphs per single result, and you can expand this by copying sentences from the results you didn’t choose and pasting them into your document, allowing you to easily compose up to 1000 words.

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Tips for enhancing your blog article with Copyai

CopyAI’s content creation method is straightforward. The program analyzes the context of your writing and then proposes paragraphs and sentences to include in your blog post using artificial intelligence.

Make a headline and an introduction paragraph.

Enter the keywords you want to rank for and the tone you want to use.

Select “create content” from the drop-down menu.

Examine CopyAI’s suggestions and select the ones that best fit your piece.

Make recommendations or make changes as needed.


CopyAI isn’t able to read people’s minds. It has no idea how to choose the right words for you. However, it can provide you with the best options from which to choose, perhaps saving you hundreds of hours. I was only able to improve a page or two per day when I personally revised my writings. With Copy Ai, I was able to edit over 100 pages in one morning, all while making the best possible choices that fit smoothly into my writing style. CopyAI is going to save me years of time and work. Aside than that, I’ve had a lot of headaches. And the best thing is? Even if your blog is already running on autopilot thanks to WordPress and Active Campaign, adding CopyAI will be beneficial because it can provide insights into which parts of your posts are the most popular (and least). Now go ahead and automate your company!

CopyAI has been quite beneficial to my writing. On my long-form blog entries, I’ve noticed an uptick in engagement. They’re continually updating their technology and adding new features to make blogging easier!




Columnist Freelance Journalist, News, Story Writer, stories from the Middle East’s

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Amanda Nathan

Amanda Nathan

Columnist Freelance Journalist, News, Story Writer, stories from the Middle East’s

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